Frequently Asked Questions

WPNative Apps takes care of all the hard work for you! Just download our WPNative Apps plugin, configure the settings to your preferences and submit. 

Once our team receive the submission, we create the mobile app version of your website and submit to the Apple App Store for approval as well as any minor adjustments that may be required.

Configuring the WPNative Apps Plugin does not require high level technical skills. 

If you have installed and configured any other WordPress plugin you should be ok, if you are concerned about the process, please watch our step-by-step configuration tutorials here.

Your app will be live on the App Store in less than 1 week. 

If Apple denies your app, the WPNative App team will consult with you and make some adjustments before re-submitting the app to the App Store, this will add another week to the process.

Yes you can! Custom navigation is a key feature of an app. 

Your custom menu does need to point to an existing page on your website though. 

In short, yes, WPNativeApps is compatible with all WordPress websites.

To ensure that your app has a great user experience it’s fundamental that it has a strong speed performance and responsive design.

To test your website please use our eligibility checker.

No no no, not at all!

The beauty of WPNativeApps is that it’s super cheap to get started. Just a $399 payment to get published to the Google Play and App Stores and then $99/month on-going.

Compared to traditional app development, that can cost upwards of $50,000, WPNativeApps is extremely cost effective.


We’ve used our years of experience in app development to create features that make your app look & feel like a native app with minimal effort.

We’ve built a custom navigation feature that allows your to re-imagine your website’s user experience in app form.

Have more questions?

Watch our video tutorials that show you exactly how to configure our plugin for your website. The videos are lead by our lead designer, James, who will take you through every part of the configuration process.