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Please be patient... this can take a while! Please be patient... this can take a while!


Great News!

Your website passed our requirements!


Almost There!

Your website is almost perfect! We'd love to help you get it in shape to run WPNativeApps.

One of our tech experts is having a deeper look into your website speed. We will reach out via email with some recommendations on how to improve your website performance.

Your Website Speed Results


Overall Grade

Grade is an overall mark for your website performance that blends how fast your page performs (in terms of loading, interactivity, and visual stability) with how well itโ€™s built for optimal performance.


Performance Score

The Performance Score tells you how well your page performs from a user perspective taking into account Loading performance, Interactivity and Visual Stability.


Time to Interactive

A measure of the amount of time before your website is fully interactive. Meaning it displays useful content, event handlers are registered for most visible page elements, and; the page responds to user interactions within 50 milliseconds.


Time to Fully Loaded

Fully Loaded Time is the point after First Contentful Paint has fired, Onload has fired and Network and CPU are idle (5.25s).

Your Responsive Design Results

One of our design experts is testing your websiteโ€™s responsive design. We will reach out via email with your results.